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A place to bring dogs

Roland wanted the Woods to be a place where people could enjoy bringing their dogs and letting them run around off the lead, free to investigate interesting things.

As one owner put it, “I bring Toby here all the time, he loves to come and read the daily doggy newspaper!”, which is exactly what dogs do, checking things out and catching up with all the various canine comings and goings.

The Woods provide a place for dogs, and their owners, to socialise.  Many people bring their dogs here every day for walks, including people who walk dogs for the SPCA.

When you bring your dog to Roland’s Wood or Lavender’s Land, you need to ensure that

  • your dog is under control at all times, on or off the leash
  • you remove remove and appropriately dispose of your dog’s faeces
  • you take all reasonable steps to ensure your dog does not cause a nuisance to any other person or other dogs.

This bench was donated by author and historian Nancy Pickmere, a long-time friend and supporter of Roland’s.
The plaque reads:

Roland loved dogs and in giving this park to the people of Kerikeri
he wished a safe place for dogs and their people.
Donated by Nancy Pickmere, 2010