Seasons at Roland’s Wood 2018-05-29T14:40:27+12:00

Through the year at Roland’s Wood

Spring – September to December

September is the month to come and see the bluebells, also freesias, cherry blossom, magnolias and rhododendrons.

October sees the new spring leaf, with the acers and copper beech especially stunning in red and purple. Flowering plants include Louisiana iris – yellow, mauve, blue, and purple, white watsonias, michaelias, magnolia, rhododendrons.

November  all the spring leaves are out now, renga renga lilies are a picture, and forest pansy with its handsome bronze foliage.
December sees the summery agapanthus and the astilbes flowering

Summer – January to March

Come for a shady walk under a canopy of green leaves

Beech trees humming with bees feasting on the honeydew. Naked ladies, of the amaryllis belladonna variety, in sun and shade.

Autumn – April to June

Enjoy the autumn colours of the deciduous trees –

beech, liriodendron, gingko, maples, birches, tupeloes and oaks.  Sasanqua camellias are flowering too.

Winter July and August

The early bulbs start flowering in July and August – snowdrops, jonquils, narcissus, then daffodils…

There are flowers on the rhododendrons, magnolias, and camellia japonica…

Swathes of orange and red clivia start flowering at the end of August.